Concept Cars

Chulo Magazine Staff November 25, 2011

We’ve decided to torture ourselves by looking at cars we’ll never see.

Concept cars. We love them so much! They are freaking amazing to see. So amazing in fact, that we wait for the Chicago Auto Show every single year just to see the newest concept cars that motor companies have come up with…

And will more than likely NEVER produce. And this is where the love ends.

This is the end of 2011, almost 2012, and we have yet to see ANYTHING that looks even remotely futuristic. We don’t even give a damn about flying cars anymore; we just want to see SOMETHING that denotes that we have indeed hit the future of vehicular awesomeness. But no, we’re stuck seeing the same crap on the roads, year after year, with nothing really jumping out and saying “I am the future, and the future is now.”

In any case, we’ve decided to visually torture ourselves by looking for, and featuring some of the best concept cars around. And since it has been said that “Misery loves Company”, we’ve decided to drag you into this as well.

Wait… Misery loves company… We JUST figured out that Stephen King novel. Moving on…

These cars are great, right? See. We told you. If you’ve enjoyed these cars, we’re going to be bringing your more every so often. So keep checking back!

By the way, if one of you motor companies out there steal our freaking “future is now” slogan, we’re fully prepared to sue your asses.

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